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Documentation on Secular Branch

Statutes, Reglaments and Community Projects

Statutes Secular Branch

Statement of GG on SB (27 Oct 2008)

Reflection on formula of commitment (2014)


The Secular Branch in the General Chapters

GC 1994
GC 2000
GC 2006
GC 2012

From the General Governments


International Meeting of El Escorial (23-29 July, 2017)


(see section in Spanish)


Secular Branch Seminary, Paris 2003 /Santiago de Chile 2003 / Hawaii 2004

Formation, initiation into the SB


Experiences and reflections on SSCC Laity


Dossier of basic historical texts on Secular Branch

(cfr. Spanish section)

Saint John Francis Regis, patron of the Secular Branch

Saint John Francis Regis sj

(cfr. Spanish and French section)

Power Point Presentation of the Secular Branch

Presentation of the SSCC Secular Branch