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  • 12.11.2008Bubhaneswar community (Srs)    On November 9th, Rosa Maria Ferreiro, General Superior, and Cristina Naranjo, General Councilor, arrived at the community of Bhubaneswar, India. There the sisters received them with a special Indian rite. Before entering the house, two young candidates washed t...

  • 09.11.2008Canonical Visit to PPC Asia, Indonesia (Srs)     From November 01 to 09, Brigid Falahee, Vicar General and Alicia Mamani, General Counselor did the canonical visit to the communities in Indonesia: Jogjakarta and Bandung.     They had meetings in each community, personal encounters with all...

  • 05.11.2008Canonical visit to the Polish Province (Brs)This news is available only in Spanish in the section: Visita canónica a la Provincia de Polonia (Hnos)

  • 04.11.2008Visit of the General Government to India (PPC Asia) (Srs)This news is available only in Spanish, in the section: Visita del Gobierno General a la India (PPC Asia) (Hnas)

  • 04.11.2008Canonical visit in PPC Asia (Srs)       The members of the Sisters' General Government have begun the canonical visit in PPC Asia. Brigid Falahee and Alicia Mamani did the visit in the student community in Yogyakarta – Indonesia from November 1st until the 3rd.  

  • 03.11.2008Canonical visit to the Province of Germany (Brs)    NOTE: This News is available only in Spanish. Please read it in the Spanish section: Visita canónica a la Provincia de Alemania (Hnos)

  • 27.10.2008Statement of the GG on the Secular Branch You can find this text in the Section LIBRARY; Secular Branch: Statement of GG on the Secular Branch - 27 oct 08

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