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Televised Mass at the Parish of Saint Gabriel in Paris (Brs)

On Sunday, March 12, the Eucharistic celebration of St. Gabriel parish was televised by National Television channel 2.  The initial intention had been  to make this retransmission around January 10, within the framework of the bicentennial of the approval of the Congregation. The date was changed due to calendar issues and the fact that the theme, on which the pre-celebration report regularly  focuses,  had been parish "solidarity."

The parish project develops four areas of solidarity: the poor with the so-called "solidarity winter" (welcoming people from the streets in the parish during the winter months) and visiting the sick; families (teams of couples, parent training, implementation of Amoris laetitia); creation (group "Laudato si") and young people.

Bertrand Cherrier sscc, the pastor,  presided and  concelebrating  were André Lerenard sscc, Christian Flottes sscc, Luc Schweitzer sscc, Father Fabre (who gave the homily) and the permanent deacon of the parish. The parish choir was reinforced by young people of the Réseau Picpus. All this contributed to making  the celebration of the second Sunday of Lent beautiful.