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Temporary Profession of Ines Estevao Domingos (Srs)

Last Sunday July 30, in the community of sisters of El Escorial, the whole Congregation was dressed in festivity to celebrate the gift of the vocation of our sister Ines Estevao Domingos, who made her temporary profession. The celebration took place in a family atmosphere, with many brothers, sisters and lay people, and also in an atmosphere that spoke very much about the universal banquet of the Kingdom, of the table and the shared life to which we are all invited; this was evidenced by the diversity of all those of us that attended and because we had the joy of having the presence of our generals, Emperatriz Arrobo who received the commitment of Ines, and Javier Álvarez Osorio, who presided over the celebration.

The Yes of our sister Ines put the whole assembly before the mystery of the Love of the Good God that seduces us and moves our guts until we can say with total confidence "at whose service I want to live and die." Let us rejoice with the joy of God for Agnes and because He continues to make grow our small family in the service of the Kingdom.