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Upcoming events


MARCH 2017

1           Birth and Baptism of the GOOD FATHER
4           Priesthood Ordination of the GOOD FATHER
6-9        Retreat of the Vice-province of Ecuador (Felipe)
10         Priesthood Ordination of Luis Quishpe Defaz sscc in La Concordia (Ecuador)
10 Mar-30 Apr: Canonical Visit in Asia (Mary & Aurora)
16-22    Assembly of the Province of Peru (Javier)
19         SAINT JOSEPH, principal patron of the congregation. Solemnity
20–31   Canonical Visit in the Province of Flanders (Camille & Felipe)
24–25   Meeting in Rome of the Financial General Commission (Brs)
25 Mar-30 Apr: Canonical Visit to Chile (Goyi & Alicia)
26         Perpetual Profession of Paola Reyes sscc, in Presidente Franco (Paraguay)
27         Dies natalis of the GOOD FATHER
27–31   General Chapter of Iberia (Javier)


APRIL 2017

1-30   Canonical Visit in Asia (Mary & Aurora)
1-30   Canonical Visit in Chile (Alicia & Goyi)
3        The capsize of the “Marie Joseph”
15      Dies Natalis of Saint Damien

17-21 Provincial Chapter of France (Javier)
19-25 Canonical Visit in Netherland (Camille & Felipe)
22      Anniversary of the blessing of the chapel of Picpus
22      Perpetual Profession of Gema de Paz & Marina Utrilla, in Madrid
23      Departure of Eustaquio Van Lieshout from Amsterdam
28      Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, Priest


MAY 2017

4         Dies Natalis of Fr. Mateo Crawley sscc
5 May-6 Jun Canonical Visit to Peru-Brazil-Mexico (Emperatriz, Alicia, Goyi, Aurora)
6         Anniversary of the arrival of Our lady of Peace in Picpus
8-9      Meeting of economes of CEA, Polanica Zdrój-Poland (Brs)
10       Saint Damien De Veuster
10-12  Meeting of CEA, Polanica Zdrój-Polonia (Brs, Javier)
13       Saint Andrew Fournet, priest
13       Anniversary of the arrival of the first SSCC missionaries in Valparaíso (Chile)

13       First profession of Alexandria Martin (India), in Manila (Srs)
15       Saint Pacome, abbot, Protector of the Congregation
16-21  Retreat of the General Government in Poitiers, Motte d’Usseau (Brs)
24-26  Meeting of the Union of Superiors General (USG), (Javier)
26       Anniversary of the “Martyrs” of the Paris Commune
31 May-13 Jun  Meeting of CES (Rome)