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“We live our vocation and mission in community. Simplicity and the family spirit are the characteristics of our relationships within our international Congregation, which desires to be open to all people. Our community life gives witness to the Gospel and makes our announcement of redeeming love more convincing.”                                                                                                                          Constitutions, art.7

The Congregation of the SSCC is today present in 33 countries. Our evangelizing mission can be carried out in all cultures, in keeping with the initial intuition of our Founder, who saw us as “a group of missionaries who would spread the Gospel everywhere”. This universality of our mission normally includes the implantation of our Congregation in the places where we serve, and openness to accepting local vocations.

  • IRELAND, Swords: Assembly brothers, sisters and Secular Branch (10.06.2014)

  • IRELAND, Roscommon:  Ultan Naughton's Ordination to Priesthood (22.11.2013)

  • IRELAND, Neilstown: Ultan, Bishop emeritus Comiskey, Auxiliary Bishop R.Field of Dublin, Derek Laverty & Deacon Tito Perreira of Acton-London (3 Feb 2013)

  • IRELAND, Neilstown:  Pledge of Obedience of Ultan (3 Feb 2013)

  • IRELAND, Neilstown:  Some choir members of the diaconate ordination (3 Feb 2013)

  • IRELAND, Neilstown:  Ultan Naughton prostrated before the altar during the Litany of the Saints (3 Feb 2013)

  • IRELAND, Neilstown:  Pearse Mullen, Abraham Pathackal, Alberto Toutin, John Dunphy & Jerry White participated in the celebration (3 Feb 2013)

  • IRELAND, Neilstown:  Vesting of Deacon Ultan Naughton sscc (3 Feb 2013)

  • IRELAND, Dublin: Ultan NAUGHTON with friends, Sisters and Brothers from Spain (Oct. 20, 2012)

  • IRELAND, Dublin: Ultan NAUGHTON pronouncing his perpetual vows before his Provincial Superior Derek LAVERTY (Oct. 20, 2012)

  • IRELAND, Cootehill: Damien House (2010)

  • Lay Associates Clondalkin (Ireland) 2010

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