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† Fr. Leoncio Ángel LUCAS MARTÍNEZ sscc (Iberia)

Dear Brothers,
   I inform you that our brother Ángel Lucas passed away this afternoon [Sunday 3 Nov 2013] at the hospital Sierrallana, in Torrelavega. He had been admitted last Thursday with pneumonia that was fatal to his heart, already weakened long time ago.
  The funeral will take place tomorrow, Monday, November 4 , at 16 h . in the Parish of Our Lady of Peace, in Torrelavega, and then he will be buried in the pantheon that our community has in the cemetery of that city.
  Rest in Peace of the Lord, our brother Angel, who , throughout his life , has been a faithful servant of the Congregation. He died just a few days after the beatification of our Martyrs for which he worked tirelessly, and which could not attend due to his very poor health.
  Damien, Eustaquio, Teófilo and companions, whose recognition as Saint and Blessed he had generously dedicated so much of his life to, are his companions now definitely in the encounter with the Father.
  Enrique Losada

Dear Enrique:
   I have just received the news of the death of Ángel Lucas this afternoon. Angel is going to the Father's house in this very weekend in early November that brings us closer to the mystery of death and makes us feel in communion with our dearly departed brothers, through the mercy of God in life.
   This General House was for long time the home of Ángel, and from here made tremendous service to the Congregation, which he loved so much. We pray that the Lord welcome him into the assembly of the saints, among which he will find many friends whose imprint he studied during his postulator ministry.
   United in prayer and hope.
   A fraternal embrace in the love of the Sacred Hearts,
   Javier Álvarez-Ossorio


  • 1. Felipe F. Lazcano ha scritto il 11/04/2013 alle 12:57:

    Según la costumbre de la comunidad de la Casa General, en la eucaristía de esta mañana, junto con los superiores que están aquí para el curso de formación, hemos ofrecido la misa por Ángel. !Qué Dios le dé la alegría eterna!

    According to the custom of the community of the General House, in the Eucharist this morning, along with superiors who are here for the formation course, we have offered the Mass for Angel. ! May God give him eternal joy!