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100 years of the magazine "Reinado Social" - "21" (brothers)

The magazine 21, founded by Father Calasanz Baradat sscc on May 1, 1918 with the name of Social Reign, has just turned 100 years old. That is why this publication edited by the Iberian Province of our Congregation of the Sacred Hearts is celebrating. This past April 21 in Barcelona, Father Damián SS.CC. High School, organized a commemoration of Father Calasanz who in his lifetime promoted social work with the factory employees of Catalonia and whose body rests in the Ciudad Condal. The April event involved journalists from different media of the Catalan religious sphere and general information. Jesús Colina, founder of the Aleteia portal and awarded recently the ¡Bravo! prize of Communication ?given by the Spanish Episcopal Conference? was among them. Jesús Colina, a former student of the SSCC school of Miranda, pointed out "the existing harmony between 21 and Pope Francis", also emphasizing that "the magazine is a meeting point between believers and non-believers marked by an open and welcoming attitude, which are precisely two of the more obvious characteristics of the papal speech ".

Fernando Cordero sscc, director of the magazine, and Jesús Colina
Speakers at the Barcelona event

On May 9, the main commemoration will take place in Madrid. The Archbishop of Madrid, Carlos Cardinal Osoro will preside joined by Cardinal Carlos Amigo Vallejo and Archbishop Juan del Río. There will be a round table in which religious communication experts at the national level will participate, along with Silvina Pérez, director of the Spanish edition of l'Osservatore Romano. The theme to be addressed, with directors (or their representatives) of media such as Vida Nueva, COPE, 13TV, CONFER and Religiondigital is the question: How to communicate in times of Pope Francis? Mª Ángeles Fernández, director of the Últimas Preguntas program of TVE (national Spanish Television) will be moderator of the discussion. In the course of the celebration, the Third Damián de Molokai Prize will be awarded to the priest and journalist Julián del Olmo, director of Pueblo de Dios of TVE, which has made different programs of our ss.cc. communities in India, Congo and Mozambique, out of their pastoral and journalistic commitment. A copy of the commemorative issue of the magazine, 21, May 2018, will be presented to the attendees. It has a greater number of pages and, among other contributors are our General Superiors, Emperatriz Arrobo and Javier Álvarez-Ossorio. Letizia, Queen of Spain, journalist by profession, has already sent congratulations.

On the morning of June 24, the Eucharist presided by Father Javier Álvarez-Ossorio  sscc,  will be celebrated in thanksgiving for the one hundred years of the magazine. That will be at the Parish of the Sacred Hearts in Madrid and will be broadcast by TVE.