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46th Province Day in Flanders (Brs)

Today, Armistice Day 2015,  (November 11th),  about  45 people (brothers, sisters and friends of the Congregation) gathered for Provincial Day (Flanders). Some brothers came from the Delegation of the Netherlands.

The Provincial Superior, Gilbert Decker took the floor to explain the course of the day, giving an overview of the Province. He then explained briefly the Pope's encyclical Laudato Sii. In the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, we must learn to live as brother and sister  with nature,  with all that is in it, living under the same roof, in the same house. If we know that "water" is our sister, we will know how to use it.

When the time came to say a word on the delegation of Leuven, Camille Sapu gave a brief update on the Leuven Delegation.

The third part was a long and profound prayer prepared by Jef Tops on the year of Mercy. Following the example of Damien, Jef led us in a  meditation on 7 "moments or path" of Mercy: Feed the hungry; refresh the thirsty; clothe the naked; visit prisoners; visit the sick, shelter the foreigner and bury the dead. Each path was symbolized by a lighted candle in front of the picture of Father Damien.

It  was a wonderful moment when we honored  the anniversaries of the brothers and sisters who were celebrating their 70, 65 and 60 years of vows and / or priesthood. "Blessings" to one and all!

The meeting ended with a time to catch up with each other. Each went home, saying  “tot ziens !” (Good bye) And we continue to sing "mensen zijn voor de mens, als herder God, Trooster voor groot in klein, zo lief als God" ( One  for people, like a shepherd God; comfort for small and great, like a loving God).