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"To the heart nothing is far away" (Good Mother)

  • 08.08.2020Secular Branch in French Polynesia In Pirae (French Polynesia) the members of the Secular Branch met last Sunday, August 3rd. It was a time to pray and to share.

  • 07.08.202025 years of religious profession (Mexico) On August 4th in the parish of San Isidro Labrador (Mexico City), at a mass presided by the Mexican Provincial, Pedro Díaz sscc, accompanied by brothers and sisters of the Province, Nurmy García Martínez sscc and Enrique Ramírez Capet...

  • 06.08.2020† Father Emeterio HUARTE GORRIA sscc (Iberia)

  • 06.08.2020Interview with Aurelio Cayón sscc (Iberia) On the occasion of his recent re-election as Provincial Superior of Iberia, our Brother Aurelio Cayón sscc was interviewed by , José Beltrán, director of the magazine Vida Nueva. The headline of the article is: "It's time to get stuck into li...

  • 05.08.2020Beginning of the International Community of Berlin (Bros) On 3 August Patrisius Breket, Dionisius Karitas Ribu Watun, Harald Adler and Ludger Widmaier from Werne headed for Berlin.  For a month, the 4 of them had been in Werne, mainly engaged in the drawing up of the community project and the preparations necessary before l...

  • 04.08.2020Fourth Stage Formation Meeting online (Brazil-Paraguay) On Saturday, 1st August, a fourth stage formation meeting of the brothers of Paraguay and Brazil took place online from 3-5 pm. The  brothers were accompanied by Guillermo Rosas sscc, from the Province of Chile . The meeting was centred on the Liturgy and in particul...

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