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  • 09.01.2022† Father Kenneth BARNES sscc (Ireland-England)   Father Kenneth, 91 years old, died on 8 January, 2022 in London (England).   He entered the novitiate in 1959 and he was professed on 11 May 1960 in Cootehill (Ireland).   He was ordained a priest on 19 June 1966 in Bucks (England...

  • 08.01.2022Regional Government (USA-West) On 6th January, the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, we received the results of the election of the Regional Government for the USA-West. Region.  Richard Danyluk was re-elected regional superior (third term). Chris Santangelo, elected regional vicar. J...

  • 07.01.2022Missions of the SSCC School 'French Fathers' of Viña del Mar (Chile) More than 100 volunteers from the educational community of this school, took time between 27-30 December, to spend time in the parish of Jesus the Missionary, located in the town of Reñaca Alto. Inspired by the Servant of God, Esteban Gumucio sscc who stated &q...

  • 06.01.2022Sanctuary of Health and Peace features on TV (Brazil) TV Horizonte has just broadcasted a 7 minutes episode (part of the series “Sagrado” dedicated to the Archdiocesan Sanctuary of Health and Peace, in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). You can access the video at this link: https://youtu.be/BOk7gGa90vg

  • 05.01.2022Letter of the Superior General - STELLAR NEWS (Brs)

  • 04.01.2022New song with lyrics by Esteban Gumucio (Chile) The group 'Los Perales' (Chile) have set to music a poem by Esteban Gumucio about a child's dream. This song is about the dream of a child, one of the many childrenp who used to live under the bridges of the Mapocho River, and who today walk through the to...

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