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  • 16.12.2007The Meeting of CAP Executive (Brs)   The Meeting of CAP Executive was held in “Proggaloy”, the Pastoral and Development Center of the diocese of Kolkata, from December 7th-8th   2007. The Superiors who were present in this meeting are: Jean Pierre Cottanceau, vicar of Vice Province...

  • 12.12.2007Superior General in Japan (Brs)    The Superior General arrived in Japan on December 11 to begin the canonical visit of the vice-province. The visit last until the endof the month when there will be the vice-provincial chapter in which the brothers will elect the councilors of the new Vice-provi...

  • 28.11.2007A short chronicle of the 2007 10th Ministry daysThis news is available only in Spanish. See the same page in the Spanish Section.

  • 28.11.2007IF Commission of CEA (Brs) The CEA Commission of Initial Formation (IF) met in Madrid, in the Provincial House. The meeting began on the morning of Friday, 23rd November and ended at noon on Sunday 26th. Jerzy Grzanka, from the Polish Province was the coordinator of the Commission and chaired th...

  • 22.11.2007November 23rd: memory of the death of our Founder Henriette Aymer de la Chevalerie  Good celebration! “He chose you to raise up a new order one part of which would consecrate itself to making known, extending and reestablishing the reign of God in peoples’ hearts by devotion to his Son’s suffering and the other part of which woul...

  • 20.11.2007"Biblical March"This news is available only in French and Spanish. See the same page in the French and Spanish Sections.

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