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  • 29.01.2009Meeting of the General Commission of Initial Formation (Brs)     From 26 to 31 January, at the House General, takes place the meeting of the General Commission of Initial Formation. The participants are the IF coordinators of the Conferences of Asia (Lambert Enga), Latin America (David de la Torre), United States (Clyde Gu...

  • 27.01.2009Official opening of the diocesan documents of the Good Mother        Dear Sisters and Brothers,     As you know, on Friday 24th October, 2008, we celebrated the closing of the diocesan process for the Canonization of the Good Mother at the mother house of the Congregation in Paris. It ...

  • 22.01.2009Inmaculada Loma-Ossorio ss.cc. was reelected Provincial of Paraguay-Bolivia (Srs)    Inmaculada Loma-Ossorio ss.cc. was reelected Provincial of Paraguay-Bolivia for a three year term on January, 22. The election took place during the Provincial Chapter being held in Ciudad del Este (Paraguay). The election was then confirmed by the Superio...

  • 20.01.2009Election of the Provincial Councillors of Perú (Brs)    On tuesday, January 20, the Provincial Chapter, being present the Superior General, elected 3 Provincial Councillors: Fr. Hermann Wendling, Fr. José Serrand (Vicar) and Fr. Alberto Chero. The Chapter ends on January 23rd.

  • 19.01.2009Meeting of SS.CC. Brothers and Sisters in PeruThis news is available only in Spanish. Please click on the following title if you're willing to read it: Encuentro de hermanos y hermanas SS.CC. en el Perú

  • 18.01.2009Re-election of the Provincial Superior of Peru (Brs)    On January 16, during the assembly before the provincial chapter, Raul Pariamachi Fonseca was re-elected Provincial Superior. The provincial chapter will be held from January 20 to 23 in Lima.  

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