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"To the heart nothing is far away" (Good Mother)

  • 04.05.2010May 4, 2010: fiftieth anniversary of the death of Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey   This news is available only in French. Please read it: http://www.ssccpicpus.com/news.aspx?ln=fr&id=4906

  • 22.04.2010Meeting of Novice Masters in Rome (Brs)     A meeting of Novice Masters is held in the General House of the Brothers from April 22 to May 1st. It was convoked by the General Government and coordinated by Felipe Félix Lazcano (General Councilor).     The participants are: five...

  • 31.03.2010Happy Easter   “In Jesus we find everything: his birth, his life and his death; that is our rule.” (Good Father)  

  • 15.03.2010Canonical visit to the Province of Colombia (Srs)    At present Alicia and Brigid are on the Canonical Visit in Colombia. They are visiting the five communities of sisters. They began with by meeting the Provincial Council in Bogota and during the visit they will also meet the various commissions and the staff of...

  • 28.02.2010News from Chile  Dear Brothers, As far as we know all the brothers are ok after the earthquake. We have no news from Concepción. Only Rafael is there as Guillermo and Alex were away from the area. The problem of communication with Concepción is national no one has been able...

  • 07.02.2010Canonical visit to the Province of USA-East (Brs)    The Superior General and Felipe F. Lazcano are doing the canonical visit to the Province of USA-East from February 7 to March 4. They will visit 33 brothers who are in Fairhaven, Wareham, Washington, Texas and Bahamas. (In the picture: the General Governmen...

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