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  • 18.01.2009Re-election of the Provincial Superior of Peru (Brs)    On January 16, during the assembly before the provincial chapter, Raul Pariamachi Fonseca was re-elected Provincial Superior. The provincial chapter will be held from January 20 to 23 in Lima.  

  • 09.01.2009Provincial Chapter of Mexico (Brs)   The twelfth Provincial Chapter of the Mexican province was held in Mexico City January 5-9. Participating were the twenty-one active members of the province. The Superior General also participated. This chapter was held in the year when the province celebrates the ce...

  • 29.12.2008Congo et Coltan This news is available only in French. Please click on the following title if you're willing to read it: Congo et Coltan

  • 29.12.2008Mercedes Bayo Mayor ss.cc. was reelected Provincial of Spain   Mercedes Bayo Mayor ss.cc. was reelected Provincial of Spain for a three year term on the afternoon of Sunday, December 28. The election took place during the Provincial Chapter being held in San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid). The election was then confirmed by the...

  • 15.12.2008Province of Africa: Priestly Ordination of Carmona Anijo (Brs)   The words "Go forth and preach" were on the front wall of the Church where our brother Carmona was ordained together with three diocesan priests. The Mass on December 14, the third Sunday of Advent, is engraved in the annals of the African province. Carmona...

  • 05.12.2008The General Government is meeting to prepare for the erection of the new Japan-Philippines Province (Brs)During these days, December 3-6, the General Govenrment is meeting with John Yamada (Vice-provincial of Japan) Michiaki Chihara and Pancratius Olak Kraeng (Superior of the Philippines) to prepare for the erection of the new Japan-Philippines Province.

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