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  • 16.04.2009First Provincial Government of the new Province of Japan-Philippine (Brs)    On April 16 the first provincial government of the new province was elected: John Yamada (Provincial), Andy Healy (Vicar), Michiaki Chihara (Councilor) Noel Flaviano (Councilor).     The four are in the photo. Noel is on the computer screen as h...

  • 14.04.2009Province of Japan-Philippine (Brs)   On Easter Monday, April 13, 2009, the Province of Japan - Philippine was officially erected in Tomobe, Japan during a Eucharist celebrated by the Superior General. The first Provincial Chapter began that evening. On the agenda are the approval of the Plan of Apostoli...

  • 10.04.2009Happy Easter to you all !   Christ is risen! So the Church proclaims, at the end of this Easter night, even as yesterday she proclaimed Christ’s death on the Cross. It is a proclamation of truth and life.      “Christ is risen from the tomb, who for our sakes hung u...

  • 10.04.2009Provincial Chapter of Andalusia (Brs)   During the course of the eleventh Provincial Chapter of Andalusia, that took place in the school San José SS.CC., in Seville, Juan Manuel de Mula ss.cc. was re-elected as Provincial Superior.    The new government team is made up of the Provincial ...

  • 25.03.2009DAMIEN to the leprosyThis text is available only in Spanish. Please click on the following title if you're willing to read it: DAMIAN a los leprosos

  • 16.03.2009Damien and the cinema  This text is available only in French. Please click on the following title if you're willing to read it: Damien et le cinéma

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