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  • 07.09.2009The Council of the Congregation and of the Congregation Enlarged General Council 2009  El Escorial 2009 6 - 20.09. 2009

  • 27.07.2009"Picpus 2009", Session 5: July 17–19, 2009         On Friday 17th July we began with prayer as usual. At the beginning of the assembly, Bernard thanks the brothers and sisters of Asia for their presentation the evening before, and stressed that in them we find the future ...

  • 17.07.2009New Provincial Government of Brazil (Brs)   The new Provincial Government is composed of : Fr. Marcus Vinícius Maciel (Provincial Superior ), Fr. Walterson José Vargas (Provincial Vicar ) and the Provincial Councillors Fr. Paulo Roberto Teixeira de Abreu, Fr. Silvano Dias de Ávila, Fr. Lui...

  • 15.07.2009Provincial Chapter of Brazil and election of the new Provincial Superior (Brs)This issue is available only in Spanish. Please read it in the Spanish section by clicking on the following title: Capítulo Provincial de Brasil y elección del nuevo Superior Provincial

  • 04.07.2009"2009 Picpus Session": July 4- 27              The 2009 Session-Picpus 2009 opened officially on 4th July after dinner.      In the opening session, we were welcomed by Jeanne Cadiou, ss.cc. (Sector leader of France-Quebec) ...

  • 03.07.2009Spanish Martyrs SS.CC. On July 3, the Vatican Information Service has published the good news of the Pope's recognition as MARTYRS of our brothers of Teófilo de Legaria Fernández Goñi, Isidro Iñiguez, Gonzalo Barrón, Mario Lopez and Eladio Ros, religion persecution vi...

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