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A Congregational Week in SSCC Colleges in Spain (Brs)

During the week of the 4
th to 10th of May, a congregational week was organized in the six colleges run by the Sacred Hearts brothers of the Iberian Province. The slogan was: "One single heart".

A committee had been commissioned to prepare the different activities that would involve and link the various SSCC schools in Madrid (Virgin of Mirasierra SSCC and Sacred Hearts-Martin de los Heros), Sevilla (San José SSCC), Torrelavega (Nuestra Señora de la Paz), Miranda de Ebro (Sacred Hearts) and Barcelona (Father Damien SS.CC.).

There were games for religion classes in primary and secondary school, and other activities for higher schools.
During morning prayers every day a video of each of the schools was shown to make them known. During the tutorials information was collected on what most caught people’s attention from the videos.

Students were encouraged to participate in an interschool contest of drawing for the cover design of the agendas of the six centers. The hallways were decorated with balloons and hearts with the name of each student. In the ambience of the schools premises there was a photocall where a roll-up (a kind of banner as a background for pictures) was used.

In addition, badges and stickers were distributed. The new technologies have helped to spread the events, festivity and family spirit of the week. And above all, a special bond of feeling has been created among all the members of one and the same family of the Sacred Hearts