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A new pastoral year starts in Picpus, with the presence of Cardinal André Vingt-Trois (Brs & Srs)

Hello from Picpus!

Here it is, the re-entry has been made in Picpus for almost everyone. And what a re-entry! Even the Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, archbishop of Paris, moved us to launch "off"! Picpus welcomed him for Sunday Mass (September 28th). At first, he was there only to welcome the 25 young men of St Augustine House who were about to begin their year of discernment to join the Seminary of the diocese of Paris. But it was arranged with him that the youth of Réseau-Picpus and the Picpus communities, that means eventually all the "Picpus Village", would join this festive Eucharist, and thus mark the beginning of the pastoral year.

The Mass was led by the liturgical choir of Réseau-Picpus which has even sung a Kyrie in Gregorian chant (so that his Eminence does not think that in Picpus we are just a jiggle singing Gospels!). The youth of the St Augustine House just arrived just, so they did not have time to give us the chance to benefit from their talents, which this year seem to be very real. But they promised us an impeccable liturgical service.

If the Cardinal seems to be surprised... It's due to the presence of the many youths and especially he was surprised to find in Picpus Alphonse Fraboulet sscc, whom he used to meet at St Gabriel´s parish...

Aperitif, photos, meals, glorious sunshine followed. In the afternoon, the youths of Réseau-Picpus went to the meeting of the Communities. This was a great opportunity for dialogue and witness of our vocation of the Sacred Hearts. We took a guided tour of the historic sites (garden and cemetery), by a "guide" whose name will be silenced because of his humility. It was done in a hurry (it was our dear Quentin, the President of the Réseau Picpus, who had given me the order).

Then Fr. Philippe Marset, pastor of Our Lady of Clignancourt, who guides every 2 years the pilgrimage of the Réseau to Holy Land, presented the draft of pilgrimage for 2015 and we finished before the inevitable Flash mob... whom the cardinal declined to participate in ... and me too! Alexis, who lead that choreography, becomes the first young man who has joined the program “Live and Serve” (vocational discernment),  just ten days ago. Others will follow.

Take a good look at the pictures... Ciao! (BC)

The following link will allow you to view some photos of the day.