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A Transformative Journey (Indonesia)

The fourth stage program organized by the General Chapter and laid out in the CAP Assembly decision is currently taking place in Jogjakarta, in the Indonesian Province. In the whole of our Congregation, there are 16 brothers preparing for final vows but in the CAP Program there are seven. There are three brothers from Indonesia namely Bro Agung, Bro Min and Bro. Yosa, two from the Philippines, Bro Jonel and Bro. Junjun and two from India, Bro Dildhar and Bro. Vishal.

The fourth stage program began on the 18th of October with a Eucharistic celebration at which Fr. Lambert Enga Hurint presided and gave the opening remarks. The event was graced by the presence of several distinguished guests, including the Superior General of the sisters, Sister Patricia Villarroel sscc, and Sister Aurora Laguarda sscc, and some priests from the formation house and Sisters and Brothers from the two stages of formation: philosophy and theology).

The first month of the preparation for the final vows program focused on the themes of consecration and incorporate elements of religious life. This program aims to provide the participants with a deeper understanding of consecration and guide them towards a more spiritually enriched life. The program includes a series of conferences, interactive sessions, and engaging activities designed to create a holistic and transformative experience.

The conferences formed the backbone of the program, featuring renowned spiritual speakers. These conferences focused on various aspects of religious life including the vows with their meaning, significance, and practical implementation in daily life. The speakers shared their insights on the spirituality of the Congregation and the vocation and mission of the Congregation and among the people of God. The documents based on preparation for reflection on final vows, were an inspiration for those seeking to set out in the consecrated life.

The facilitated sessions helped the participants to have a deeper understanding and encouraged them to ask questions and share their views and thoughts.

In addition to the conferences and interactive sessions, the program included workshops and practical exercises aiming at and providing hands-on experiences. These activities allowed the brothers to apply the principles of consecration in their daily lives and explore different spiritual practices. Examples of workshops included meditation, journaling, gratitude exercises, faith sharing, cooking for self, sports and mindfulness practices.

To ensure a well-rounded experience, the program incorporated fun-filled activities that promoted bonding, relaxation, and rejuvenation. These activities were carefully designed to align with the spiritual theme of the program, allowing the brothers to unwind and connect with others in a joyful and light-hearted atmosphere. Such activities included team-building games, dance, music and recreation sessions, and recreational outings.

The one-month spiritual program had a profound impact on those who took part. They experienced a sense of spiritual awareness, inner peace, and a renewed commitment to leading a consecrated life. The combination of conferences, interactive sessions, workshops, and fun-filled activities created a transformative environment allowing them to explore their spirituality in a holistic manner. The inclusion of enjoyable activities ensured that they are not only gaining spiritual insights but also created lasting memories and form meaningful connections with one another although they are from different ethnic, cultural countries and provinces. They have finished half of the program, and soon they will be moving to other steps of the program that will be held in Tangerang Jakarta (Indonesia).

Vishal Khute sscc