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About our SSCC causes

On February 16, 2021, the General Postulator Andrzej Lukawski sscc together with Mrs. Teresa Borrelli, a lay associate expert and responsible for the development of "Positiones" of the Good Mother and the Good Father, met at the seat of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints with the Relator for the Good Father, Mons. Maurizio Tagliaferri (he is also a Relator in the beatification process of our Brothers shot during the Paris Commune). The "Summarium Testium", ie the statements of witnesses in the beatification process gathered in one document and the documented "Biography" of our Founder was delivered. Until this year's holidays it is planned to complete the so-called "Informatio" of both Good Father and Good Mother. This is another component of the "Positio", which contains detailed arguments on the individual virtues, spirituality and sanctity of our Founders.

Mons. Tagliaferri was informed about the publication of the Superior General, Alberto Toutin, entitled "Apostolic discernment of the SSCC", which outlines the key issues and criteria, that guided our Founders in the process of spiritual and apostolic discernment and choices. The material subject of this work is to be included both in the Introduction to the "Positio" and in the first part of the "Informatio".

The meeting in the Congregation was preceded by a visit of Teresa Borrelli in our General House on Saturday, February 13th. In the coming weeks there is also planned a meeting with the Relator in the process of the Good Mother - Fr. Vincenzo Criscuolo OFM Cap. - who is the General Relator of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.