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Assembly 2024 of the sisters in Chile

Since Wednesday, January 10, the sisters of Chile have been meeting at the retreat house located on Ecuador Street in Viña del Mar, next to the SS.CC. School, Viña del Mar (Alvarez).

Irene Arias ss.cc., coordinator of the Chile-Paraguay Territory, has planned 3 days of assembly to then live some Spiritual Exercises accompanied by Hugo Maidana SJ, who arrived from Paraguay on the afternoon of Friday, January 12.

In this new meeting they have been able to review the latest milestones of the Territory as the work of youth ministry and some instances of formation and participation of the sisters in ecclesial spaces. After, the pandemic, it was possible to return to normality, so the students of 3 schools participated in the Provincial Youth Meeting which brought together brothers and sisters. Also, at the beginning of January, a mission experience was carried out in the town of Pemuco, where four sisters administer a parish with 16 communities. Young people from the 4 schools arrived there and experienced a unique moment of encounter with others.

Sister Graciela Gutiérrez ss.cc. made a motivation around what she experienced in the last Latin American and Caribbean Congress of CLAR, where they worked from "7 Cs". The reflection this time was centered in the "Community", in what gives and takes away oxygen. This was supported by the Mexican Sister Teresa Maya, CCVI, who invited them to deepen their work as "artisans of care".

After the Exercises, the sisters will continue the assembly to fine-tune the details of the communities and the works for the service of the year 2024, ending with a fraternal meeting, which will conclude on January 20.