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Assembly at Punta de Tralca of the Province of Chile (bros)


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During the week of January 27 to February 1, the Brothers of the Sacred Hearts of the Province of Chile, met in our traditional meeting at Punta de Tralca. Every year we gather as a “provincial sacrament”, where we share life experiences during the past year, we share common prayer, we rest together and we catch up with a theme for reflection.

This year we were able to share how to address the issue of sexual abuse in the Church and from this fact, we reflect on our experience of affectivity and sexuality.

We also took the opportunity to celebrate different jubilees of brothers who in this 2014 reach a significant number of years of religious profession or ordination. Among them, Fr. Fernando Vallejos, who is 96 old and celebrates his 75º anniversary of ordination. To all of them: congratulations!

It was a rich time to share, to pray together, to enjoy ourselves as brothers and to get ready to continue to serve our Church in the various places where we operate.

The meeting concluded with the religious profession of our brothers and Rafael García and Atilio Pizarro. Certainly a moment of grace which the Lord gives us to continue serving as a community.

              Alberto Toutin and Atilio Pizarro

Profession of Atilio and Rafael

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