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Assembly of Latin America

From September 18 to 26, the sixteenth assembly of the brothers of the CIAL (Latin American Conference) and the first assembly of the Latin American zone of the sisters were held in Paraguay. Both meetings took place at the "Marianela" center, of the Redemptorists, in the city of Atyrá, an hour's drive from Asunción.

There were 14 brothers and 20 sisters. Together with the superiors, coordinators and delegates of the different communities of Latin America, the two Superiors General also participated.

On September 19 and 20, brothers and sisters had a day of retreat (animated by Javier Álvarez-Ossorio on the subject of the vows) and a day of formation on ecological conversion in religious life (animated by Cristina Robaina, Teresian, facilitator of the assembly of the sisters).

For their part, the brothers began on the 18th with a meeting with the treasurers of Latin America, who had previously met, from the 14th, with the presence of Raja Sebastian, General Econome.

The CIAL assembly is held every three years. It is formed by provincial superiors (there are 4 provinces: Chile, Mexico, Brazil and the Andean), the regional superior (the region of Paraguay), the coordinators of initial formation and permanent formation, and delegates chosen by the brothers. On this occasion, the participants were: Alex Vigueras (coordinator of the CIAL), Sandro Mancilla, René Cabezón and Guillermo Rosas (from Chile); Raúl Pariamachi, Hilvar Loyaga, Arnoldo Fernández and David de la Torre (from the Andes); Nurmy Garcia and Enrique Ramírez (from Mexico); Sérgio Stein and Marcus Vinícius Maciel (from Brazil); Ángel Armoa (from Paraguay); and Javier Álvarez-Ossorio (Superior General).

Currently, there are 168 brothers of the Congregation in Latin America: 20 (Mexico), 53 (Andina), 30 (Brazil), 11 Paraguay, 56 (Chile). The great novelty of this assembly was the recent creation of the Andean province, which reduces the number of major communities greater than 6 to 4.

The most important theme of the assembly was the revision of the Initial Formation, which is the main area of interdependence in the conference. An evaluation was presented with the answers of those who have participated in the initial common formation in the last 20 years: formandi, formators and superiors. To get an idea, between 1996 and 2015, Latin America had 188 novices, 132 professors, and those who remain in Congregation 55 (11 of them still with temporary vows).

The evaluation showed great satisfaction with the common novitiate. The interprovincial house of temporary professors (CIP) was also valued positively, although several critical areas and of possible improvement were indicated. From the evaluation, some criteria and tasks were indicated for the continuation of the collaboration in the initial formation, especially during the stage of temporary professed: to maintain the internationality; continuity of personal processes (avoiding too short and fragmented stages); solid team of formators; a good center of theological studies; an adequate initiation into pastoral work; the will power and the creation of habits to grow in personal responsibility; better follow-up during the fourth stage; etc.

The assembly granted Brazil, in an exceptional way, the possibility of having a house of professed in their country, ad experimentum for three years. Brazil had long expressed the desire not to be forced to send their professed temporary to the interprovincial house.

For the moment, the interprovincial novitiate is maintained in Lima (Peru) and the interprovincial house of professed (CIP) in Santiago (Chile). But there is a reflection on the possibility of moving these houses in the future, depending on the criteria underlined in the evaluation of initial training.

Other topics were: evaluation of the meeting of brothers between 5 and 15 years of perpetual vows (conducted in May 2017) and study of the letter in which these 17 brothers call for a new international missionary community in Latin America; the process of preparation for the General Chapter (presented by Javier Álvarez-Ossorio); protocols for transmitting information on brothers during initial formation; the next actions in on-going formation; and the modalities of preparation for perpetual vows.

The assembly elected the heads of different services for the next three years: Raúl Pariamachi (CIAL coordinator), Enrique Ramírez (initial formation coordinator), and Guillermo Rosas (ongoing formation coordinator).

Once again, the CIAL has shown its ability to reach binding agreements that affect people and the initial training process, knowing how to adapt to the evolution of the reality of the conference.

During the assembly, in addition to the two days of retreat and reflection, the sisters shared moments of prayer, meals and a day away. The whole group followed with concern the situation of Mexico (affected by a strong earthquake on September 20) and of Puerto Rico (where Hurricane Maria passed on September 21). 


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