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Assembly of the French Province (Brs)

The brothers of France met from 26 to 29 June for the Provincial Assembly at the diocesan house of Vannes and concluded our meeting at the community of Sarzeau. There were about twenty of us including Father Sylvestre Mole sscc of the Province of Africa. Originally from Mozambique, he soon got connected with Jean Vale and were able to speak in their common mother tongue, Portuguese!

For two and a half days we dwelled on the minutes of the provincial chapter of last April to see how we will live the "fraternal life", "our mission" and our "communication"? We have done so, starting from the decisions and orientations of the Provincial Chapter on what constitutes our provincial life: pastoral care of young people and vocations, initial formation, laity and secular fraternity, religious till the end and our elder brothers, Ongoing Formation and temporal. The new Provincial Government will rely on our thoughts to animate the Province over the next three years.

A half day of discovery took us to the house of "Le poète ferrailleur", 40 km from Vannes to Lizio. It is the village of two of our brothers Maurice Dano and Emile Dubot, both deceased. With objects of all kinds this poet has created a universe of animated creatures and structures ever crazier than the others! In short the dream of dreams, but there is a reflection of the meaning of life, nature, and the place of the human being in all this... there is an ecological reflection in all this.

On the feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul we beautifully concluded in a Eucharist with all the community of Sarzeau. Two emotional moments arose when Christian Malrieu, the outgoing Provincial, gave his blessing to Christian Flottes, the new Provincial of France. The second occasion was our prayer for the jubilees of brothers: Alban Le Gargean and André Mark with 60 years of Religious Life, Jean-Marie Olivier with 60 years of ordination, Alain Donniou and Alphonse Fraboulet with 50 years of ordination.

All these were concluded with an excellent couscous prepared by a good team of chefs, Alban Le Gargean CS, the treasurer of the community.