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Brief interview with Raúl Pariamachi sscc, new provincial superior of the Andean Province

From the Sacred Hearts Bulletin - Peru, June - July 2017 (408 - 409) Volume XXIX - Year 50

First words of Fr. Raúl Pariamachi, ss.cc. as Provincial Superior of the new Andean Province, formed by the presence of the Congregation in Colombia-Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Peru.

Why did this union of the three countries begin?

In fact, it is about the union of the presence of the Congregation in four countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Puerto Rico. It is part of the process of restructuring that we, religious congregations, are living. It is no secret that vocations to the religious life increase greatly. In our case, the union has at least three objectives: to expand the horizon of the mission of the Congregation; to take better care of the lives of the brothers, young and old; and to add up to the different resources with which we have in these countries. Let's see how it goes.


How was the election of the new government, that is to say, what process did the countries have to live?

Well, the first thing was not to think in the new government, but in the new province. We had to imagine what this new reality would be like. The instruments have been the Statutes and the Project of Apostolic Religious Life. As for the election of the government, I confess that it has been a good experience, in the end we have all been pleasantly surprised by the way we were reaching relative consensus on the government team. There was a survey to all the brothers, whose result gave a clear orientation. Then the capitulars talked openly, not only about the profile of the provincial and the councilors, but also about the names of the concrete people. I liked it.


How many brothers and in what works will the new province be present?

We are 53 brothers of seven nationalities. A relatively young group, where the average age is 48 ("young" for religious life, of course). We are basically in two types of works: parochial and educational. In the four countries, the brothers attend parishes in different social environments, especially in popular neighborhoods and rural areas. We have four colleges, in La Concordia (Ecuador), Bogotá (Colombia), Lima (Peru) and Guaynabo (Puerto Rico). In Bogotá we also serve seven nurseries schools (crèches). Of course, some brothers are dedicated to other services.


What are the main challenges of the provincial government?

The first is to know ... to approach each of the brothers, communities, parishes, schools, etc. We have already scheduled the semester visits. The second is to find the best way to organize ourselves, to promote the religious quality of life and the work of each brother. I believe that those of us who have received the confidence for the animation of the new province are aware that the service of authority is directed to follow Jesus in the mission, especially among the poorest. A third challenge, in which I would like to emphasize a lot, is the formation of young people in the religious life and the priestly ministry; it is a responsibility that we have. Well, there are more challenges, but enough for now, right? Thank you.


  • 1. anselmo mosquera ha scritto il 07/22/2017 alle 13:33:

    Padre Raul  reciba un saludo  y muchos abrazos  por integrar el equipo de la nueva provincia  donde la responsabilidad compartida dara  a muchos jovenes y muchas familias la cercania de  Jesus  y Maria  en  los retos asumidos por la Congregacion de los SS.CC. y que nosotros con nuestras oraciones  acompañaremos a cristalizar    y  vivir en un mundo necesitado de  compromiso  con  los mas pobres y la vida religiosa ,siempre estaremos presente en  su caminar con la  alegria  la ayuda e intersecion del buen padre y la  buena madre ,  San Damian,  pidiendo al  Espiritu Santo guie nuestros  pasos , Dios los bendiga a la nueva provincia  SS.CC.