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Canonical Visit to communities in Spain (Sisters)

Visit to the community of El Escorial  

From the 25th to the 31st October, Patricia, Goyi and Aurora visited the community of El Escorial. This is the largest community in the Territory, with 32 sisters, where the infirmary is also located.

The visit began with the celebration of the 101st birthday of our sister Marina Gallego. In this community, there is also the oldest sister of the Territory, Mauricia Maiso, who will be 102 years old next February.

We enjoyed very much the community meetings, the personal interviews and the afternoon recreations, where we shared the life of the Congregation since the sisters, in spite of their age, are very interested in knowing what is happening in our Sacred Hearts family.

We ended the visit with a Eucharist where we celebrated the sacrament of the anointing of the sick, the renewal of vows and the sending on mission. In the afternoon we concluded with a festive celebration, where the sisters were able to enjoy singing songs of their time, dancing and having fun with "the girl from the Escorial", which was so well represented by our sister Mª Fe Gargallo.

Visit to the communities of Seville and San Fernando

On 2 November, Patricia, Goyi and Aurora travelled to Seville. The visit began in Seville on the 3rd. At the end, Patricia travelled to San Fernando, where the visit began.

The sharing in the community meetings was very rich, and the sisters were able to share about the fears and worries that inhabit us, as well as the places and circumstances that constitute our "Galilee" today.

They also shared the community project and how they are implementing it in the life and mission of these two communities. We were able to visit the places where the sisters carry out their work and pastoral ministry.

We also met with the Secular Branch of Seville, and with the brothers in the different communities.

A special mention was the visit to the Cristo del Gran Poder, the "Lord of Seville" and its passage through the streets of Seville, which we enjoyed together with the brothers. This tour ended with some typical "tapas" in the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

The visit concluded with a meeting of the Andalusia Sector, where we shared, in a simple and profound way, how to continue building fraternity.