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Canonical visit to Peru-Brazil-Mexico (sisters)

The canonical visit of the Territory of Peru-Brazil-Mexico, which belongs to the Zone of Latin America, began on the 6th May. Emperatriz Arrobo, Superior General, and Alicia Mamani, General Counsellor , began the visit in Peru, while Goyi Marín and Aurora Laguarda, general counsellors went to Mexico. From there they will go to Brazil and will finish up in Peru. The visit began with a Skype meeting between the visitors and Valéria Gómes, Coordinator of the  Territory.

The Territory of Peru- Brazil-Mexico is made up of 8 communities, in three countries: Peru (5 communities and the Novitiate of the Zone), Brazil (1 community) and Mexico (1 community). There are 53 sisters who belong to this Territory, of which 4 sisters are giving a service in other places.

In each community there are community meetings, personal conversations, visits to the establishments and apostolates, meetings with the brothers and laity. It is a time in which to take the pulse of the life and mission of the sisters and communities, to revitalize and strengthen their vocation, to renew fidelity and reinforce enthusiasm and hope in the future. It is an important moment in our lives to listen to the concerns of the sisters, their hopes, their needs, their desires and based on that to accompany them in their life and mission.

At the end of the visit there will be a meeting with the Coordinator of the Territory and the Superior Delegate of the Zone to share what has been lived and to continue walking together.

Goyi Marín and Aurora Laguarda with the sscc community of Hidalgo (Mexico)


Alicia Mamani and Emperatriz Arrobo with the Education Commission, Lima (PERU)