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CAP Executive Committee Meeting in Tagaytay City, Philippines

The Executive Committee of the Conference of Asia-Polynesia (CAP) was held at the Saint Scholastic Spirituality Center in Tagaytay City from 21-24 May. The following Provincials and Regions were present: Kenji Honna (Japan-Philippines), Michiaki Chihara (Japan-Philippines and CAP Fellow), Sudhir Nayak (India), Silverius Tobe (French Polynesia), Bonifasius Payong (Indonesia and Coordinator of the CAP) and Thomas Sukotriraharjo and Jean Blaise Mwanda as representatives of the General Government.

Among the most important points of this meeting: a reading of the minutes and follow-up of the 2018 meeting, which had taken place in Batam (Indonesia); an update from each Province and Region; the transmission and experience of the 39th GC. The sharing took place in a climate of trust, openness and mutual listening.  In general, the brothers received well the documents of 39th GC.  For the brothers of the Province of Indonesia, the GC was also an inspiration for the celebration of their Provincial Chapter which took place in January 2019. The committee made some decisions in the different fields:  IF, OF, Finances, movement of personnel, service of authority ...

 At the end, the committee proceeded to the election of the new team. The committee decided that Bonifasius Payong will continue as CAP Coordinator until the next meeting in India in February 2020. Michiaki Chihara was elected as Finance Coordinator, Pankrasius Olak as IF Coordinator and Subal Francis Nayak  as Coordinator of the OF. The committee thanked Sudhir Nayak for the service rendered to CAP for  the past 6 years. The next meeting will take place from 19 to 20/02/2020 in Bhubaneswar (India).