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Celebration in Picpus of the Bicentenary of the Approbation of the Congregation

The celebration of the 200 years of the Pontifical Approbation of the Congregation was enlivened at Picpus with a special flavor. The Eucharist, presided by the Superior General, Javier Álvarez-Ossorio sscc, was concelebrated on 10 January at the end of the morning by many brothers from the Paris region, as well as diocesan priests in charge of Maison St Augustin (Propaedeutic). Naturally there were also SSCC sisters from the Paris area, Goyi Marín sscc from the General Government, as well as some members of the Secular Branch and friends of the Congregation.

At the beginning of the celebration, Christian Malrieu sscc, the Provincial of France, welcomed the people. It was followed by the reading of the Decree of Approbation of the Congregation. In his homily, Javier invited us to live this event with great joy and humility. The first reading of the day reminded us that Jesus was not ashamed to call us his brothers, despite all that he knows of us, and that he leads us on a path of perfection through suffering; an inner suffering of the Heart of Jesus; a suffering that was already present at the early time of our Congregation, and is still today in our humanity. The Gospel of the day reminds us of the spiritual struggle against evil, that is present in each one of us as well as in our world.

After the celebration, the aperitif was served in the community of sisters, while lunch was later served in the community of brothers for about thirty brothers and sisters, plus some members of the Secular Branch, all who gathered to celebrate together and to thank the Lord for his great kindness to us.