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Change of structures in the sisters' branch

Saturday 28th January was an historic moment in the Congregation for the sisters. All the communities of the Congregation celebrated the change of structure, giving thanks to God for life lived and handed over with generosity, and welcoming the future with hope. Through the different activities which took place in the Provinces, Delegations and PPCs, all that has been lived was gathered, in grateful remembrance of the committed lives of so many sisters who have gone before us. In each place, and dependent on the culture, different symbols were used to express the passing of time, the path travelled, the milestones that have marked our story. This was also a moment in which to express thanks to each of the sisters who had carried out different services up until now and encourage and trust those who were replacing them.

Prayers, Adorations, Eucharists, all speak to us of Life, of being reborn, of recreating. Throughout our history as a Congregation we have taken big steps not knowing where they were going to bring us, but we knew that the Spirit was going to enlighten and guide us.  Looking back we were able to recognize these steps and the richness we have acquired through them.

There was a special moment in which the new structure was welcomed with hope and also uncertainty. With these feelings, but also with openness and trust, everything was placed into the hands of the Spirit, allowing Him to be the main protagonist in our journey as a Congregation. May He continues to lead us by the hand so that we can continue recreating our charism today, in keeping with our Founders’ inspiration.

Joy, gratitude, trust, fidelity, communion, strength, mission, hope…are some of the words that resonated strongly in the different celebrations.

A special thanks to the brothers and laity who accompanied us in these moments through prayer or with their presence. We need to make this journey together in this new stage.

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