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Christmas with the Army, Police (Indonesia)

Christmas with the Army, Police, Tangerang Regency State Civil Apparatus, and Suvarna Sutera Employees was held on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. This Christmas together was held at the Suvarna Padi Ball Room. This Christmas together was attended by approximately 150 people.

This Christmas theme is Christ's Love That Moves Brotherhood.

This Christmas event was divided into two parts. The first part was the Christmas Service and the second part was the Christmas celebration.

The Christmas service was filled with Christmas songs, lighting of Christmas candles, a sermon by Pastor Sitompul (Protestant Pastor), prayer of intercession by Father Felix Supranto, SS.CC and a closing blessing. In his sermon, Pastor Sitompul said that brotherhood must be revealed in sharing with others in need.

After Worship, the event continued with Christmas celebrations. Present at this celebration were Lieutenant Colonel Inf Bangun Siregar (Dandim 0510 Tangerang Regency), representatives of Suvarna Sutera management, Sindang Jaya Sub-district (Representing the Tangerang Regent), and members of the Religious Harmony Forum (FKUB) Kab. Tangerang). FKUB members who attended included Kyai Haji Ardani (Islam), Mr. Nyoman (Hindu), Nurwahyudi (Catholic), Mr. Bibit (Buddhist), WS. Epih (Confucianism), Haji Muhidin, and Miftahudin.

The celebration began with a report from the Christmas Celebration committee by Captain Arh Sihotang, the Chair of the Committee, and continued with remarks. The address was delivered by the Tangerang Regent in writing which was read by the Sindang Jaya Sub-district, Suvarna Sutera management representatives, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Bangun Siregar (Dandim 0510 Tangerang Regency), and Kyai Haji Ardani. The essence of these greetings is that Christmas brings shade and peace. Shade and peace are born of brotherly love. Brotherly love is expressed in tolerance for one another.

This Christmas celebration was closed with an art performance. One of the art performances was marawis performed by students from the Daarul Fallahiyah Islamic Boarding School Assalafiyah Cisoka, led by Kyai Haji Ardani. Maramis performed the song "Yaa Lal Wathan" (Love the Motherland).