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CIAL Assembly

The second part of the CIAL Assembly took place from 17 - 18 November. The participants were Carlos Mendoza, Provincial Superior of Mexico, Hilvar Loyaga, Provincial Superior of the Andina Province, Osvanio Humberto Mariano, Provincial Superior of Brazil, René Cabezón, Provincial Superior of Chile-Argentina, Ángel Armoa, Regional of Paraguay, Enrique Ramírez, Coordinator of Initial Formation of the CIAL, Guillermo Rosas, Coordinator of Ongoing Formation CIAL (outgoing), Juan Manuel Torres, delegate of Mexico, Raúl Pariamachi, delegate of the Andina province and coordinator of Ongoing Formation elected, Luiz Antonio da Silva, delegate of the Brazilian province, Sandro Mancilla, provincial delegate of Chile-Argentina, Miguel Habacuc Ortega Moreno, guest of the Andean province and Jean Blaise Mwanda, General Councillor. 

The first day was devoted to sharing experiences of Initial Formation in each province/region in order to discern elements that could help to rethink how to continue to live interdependence in the formation processes. Concerns for the future and how they are being addressed were heard. The novitiate until 2023 in Argentina was approved. The Novice Master will be Christian Sandoval (Chile-Argentina) and the socius will be Arnaldo Jara (Brazil-Paraguay). Given the change of location of the novitiate to Argentina and the new conditions in which it will take place and based on the reports and evaluations of the last three years, there was a dialogue on the accumulated experience of the interprovincial novitiate.  This resulted in some orientations being proposed to the Novice Master for this year especially so that, by the end of 2022, there will be some objective elements to evaluate and project the novitiate for the future. 

On the second day, reports and evaluations of the house of professed in Brazil and the Interprovincial Community of Professed (IPC) in Chile were presented, and it was decided that the executive committee would review the relevance of the IPC in the current context of the Congregation in Latin America and the revision of its Statutes. In addition, lines of action for vocation promotion were approved, some criteria for the election of future formators and topics for their formation were agreed upon, the finance commission was activated and decisions were taken on ongoing formation for the next two years. In the end, it was recognised that we are experiencing a significant reduction in the number of brothers and that we are living "in a time of change", so we need a CIAL that is more interdependent than ever. We need to be more proactive and less reactive. We need to move towards a paradigm shift in the way we understand ourselves as a congregational body. Given these changes, it is necessary to discern which structures and ways of functioning are appropriate for the future. Therefore, the Executive Committee has been asked, during 2022 and 2023, to take up the Assembly's reflections and make a projection for the future of CIAL. It is asked that this reflection and proposal be made in a spirit of synodality, with the broad participation of our Latin American communities, of our sisters and lay people. It is also asked that the Committee propose to the next Assembly the necessary modifications to the CIAL Statutes that would respond to this projection.