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The Cause of the Beatification of the Martyrs of the Paris Commune

The historical commission put in place by Cardinal Andre Vingt Trois, Archbishop of Paris has finished its work. This supplementary inquiry was requested by the Vatican, May 26,2014, the 144th Anniversary of the death of our four brothers (Ladislas Radigue, Polycarpe Tuffier, Marcellin Rouchouze et Frézal Tardieu). The final session preceded by the oath taking in the presence of the Chancellor of the diocesan curia was held on the site of Notre Dame des Otarges, (Paris east) only a couple of meters away from where our brothers were massacred.

Our brothers, all Councilors to Father Bousquet the 4th Superior General taken hostage by the mutineers were put to death on the day before the ending of the Commune of Paris along with a religious of St. Vincent de Paul, Father Henri Planchat ( named now as first of the martyrs), 3 other religious, two priests, 35 guards and 4 civilians. The elderly Archbishop of Paris Monsignor Darboy was also killed. 

The Cause for the Beatification, opened in 1897, has known its ups and downs in a series of regroupings with or separations from other causes of religious or diocesans executed by the Commune of Paris. Many deep studies have been required to establish the martyrdom and that the violent death accorded out of hatred of the faith. In 1970, the Cause was abandoned but taken up again in 2012 at the initiative of the Religious of St. Vincent de Paul after our General Chapter gave its consent. From now on, the Cause addresses none other than Father Planchat and our four brothers.  

June 23 Bernard Couronne, president of the Historical Commission, Mr Bernard Barbiche, member of the Pontifical commission of historical sciences and Father Peter, religious of St. Vincent de Paul, have signed the document which will go back at the right moment to the Commission for the Diocesan Inquiry. This Commission, after having received the depositions of some 15 witnesses  should close its work and transmit the findings to the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints before the end 2015.