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Damien, a deep sense of the Church

In this day of May we celebrate our brother, Father Damien. Rereading all of his letters, for now translated only into English, we can appreciate how Damien had a deep sense of the Church. For him the Church was Christ Today. Not only was the Lord present in the tabernacle of his chapels, but also in the lacerated bodies of the lepers. In this way of seeing, everything took on a transfigured meaning in the light of the resurrection: donations in money and prayers, nails and materials for the construction of chapels and hospitals, music instruments to accompany the liturgy and recreation, voices that come together in prayer and singing, dresses and medicines to care for wounded bodies, the magic lantern to put colours in the lives of children, the tools for making windows and coffins. In fidelity to the Lord Jesus, Damien loved the lepers of Molokai, sharing their lives with them, healing the pains caused by estrangement and exile, carrying the cross of sickness and death. In doing all this, Damien did not ask for anything other than prayers that he would not lose heart in following Jesus and that he would be able to carry his cross in his special Golgotha that was Molokai. Like Jesus the shepherd, his joy came from knowing himself more and more united to his flock, serving his sheep until the end. Damien's last letter, dated 15th March 1889, was addressed to Ambrose Hutchison (1859-1932) the superintendent residing in Kalaupapa since 1879. In this letter, he asked for a coffin for Naheluna, an old leper who had died that night.

May Damien intercede for us and help us to love and serve the Body of Christ in its most precious members, the poorest and most vulnerable, until the last breath of our lives.

Alberto Toutin sscc

Superior General



  • 1. Mary Anne Hill ha scritto il 05/10/2019 alle 01:34:

    Praying the last night of the Saint Damien Novena here on Molokai. Prayers for all the ss.cc communities around the world from the Secular Branch, Molokai, Hawai'i..