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Diaconate Ordination of Esitio Niuliki (Brs)

Congratulations to Esitio Niuliki who was ordained deacon on 9th February by Edgar da Cunha SDV, Bishop of the Diocese of Fall River (Massachusetts). The celebration took place in St. Mary’s Church, Fairhaven (MA). The new deacon was accompanied by Herman Gomes (Provincial) and several brothers and sisters of the Congregation, as well as members of his family. As happened when he was recently finally professed, Tio showed great joy at this next step in his journey of following Jesus, playing the guitar and sharing his delight with all who joined in the celebration. 

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On Saturday, February 9th, over 200 guests and family members witnessed Bishop Edgar da Cuhna ordain our Brother Esitio Niuliki to the Order of Deacon at St. Mary’s Church in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The good Bishop began by contrasting the 28 degree weather outside to the warmth and welcoming spirit inside the church. The music by the combined choirs of St. Mary and Our Lady of the Assumption was upbeat. The participation of the congregation- full-hearted. The Bishop’s homily was directed to Tio, but had a message for all in attendance. He spoke about the need of being close to the Lord Jesus in prayer. Tio will be a leader of prayer only if he is a man of prayer. Bishop also spoke at length of the theme of the Gospel as Jesus came into the world to serve and not to be served. Prayer and service: two defining characteristics of a Deacon and all Catholic Christians.

As the Bishop imposed his hands on the head of Bro. Tio, one could only be awe-inspired that this sacred tradition goes back to the Acts of the Apostles and has endured generation after generation! Toward the end of the Mass the Bishop as well as the con-celebrating SSCC priests, including the Provincial received lei of various kinds as a sign of respect from the 21 members of the family of Bro. who traveled from the small Islands of Wallis and Futuna to Fairhaven for these celebrations. There was also a priest friend of Tio who came from France.

The place of the reception, Century House was decorated beautifully. On some of the tables, there were freshly cut blue and white flowers- real flowers! The food was plentiful and delicious. There was just enough spice to make for an interesting taste. Entertainment was provided by Bro. Tio’s family with expressive song and dance of the South Pacific. At one point, one of the brothers asked for a simple translation of the words. Tio, with his signature smile, mostly from his eyes (even though he is not Irish), said that they were commemorating the slaying of St. Peter Chanel in the 19th century. There were few questions after that explanation!


We come to the Lord with much gratitude. This was a good day for the Province, for the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts. May God bless Bro. Tio with good health, length of days, and many happy years in the service of the people of God!