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Election of the Superiors General (Brs. & Srs.)

    Today, the 17th of September, Fr. Javier ÁLVAREZ-OSSORIO RAMOS sscc was reelected as Superior General of the religious men of the Sacred Hearts in the course of the 38th General Chapter that is being celebrated in Rome.

   This General Chapter, the highest authority within the Congregation, is seeking concrete orientations for the mission of this religious family, starting from the needs of the world and Church, being especially attentive to those who are living at the margins and at the edge of society.

   Also, in this same place, the religious women of the Sacred Hearts are celebrating their 35th General Chapter, whose motto is “A need of the Heart of God”. Our sister, Emperatriz ARROBO LIMA sscc, from the Province of Ecuador was just elected as Superior General of the Congregation. In this service she succeeds the Spaniard, Rosa Mª Ferreiro sscc, and becomes the 16th Superior General in their history.

Biographic data of the Superior General
   Fr. Javier was born in Seville in 1962, the second of three brothers. He studied at Colegio San José SS.CC. He made his temporary profession in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts in 1982. In 1987, he was ordained to the priesthood by the archbishop of Seville, Cardinal Amigo in Sacred Hearts Parish. He worked in various ministries of the Congregation with the most disadvantaged before doing his licentiate in Sacred Scripture at the Catholic Institute of Paris.
   After these studies he was assigned to the Democratic Republic of Congo in en 1993, where he finished his licentiate in Philosophy at the University of Kinshasa. In 2001 he was elected as the first Provincial Superior of Africa and was reelected in 2004, a job he held until being elected as Superior General in 2006.
   The newly elected is a member of the Executive Committee of the USG (Union of Superiors General). Over the past six years he has written a monthly letter to the Congregation, inspired by what he sees in the real life of the Congregation and by personal reflection on what the texts which inspire the religious life of the Sacred Hearts might possibly mean for today. This letter has been an impetus in the renewal, commitment and spirituality of the SS.CC. religious. In addition, he is a regular columnist for the 21rs magazine.

Datos biográficos de la Superiora General
   Emperatriz Arrobo Lima ss.cc. was born in 1959 in Loja (Ecuador). She has been the Provincial of Ecuador and the Coordinator of the Latin American Conference of the religious women of the Sacred Hearts.
   During her religious life she has served as director of schools, formator of religious women, as well as in tasks of governance and coordination. She is a psychologist by profession. She has become the first Latin American Superior General in the history of the Congregation. 
   The sisters point out her honesty, simplicity, organization, respect, clarity and closeness.