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End of the canonical visit to Poland (Brs.)

On 16 & 17 May, Derek Laverty and Alberto Toutin met with the provincial council of the Province of Poland and those in charge of initial formation. They shared with them some of the elements of the report that will be presented to the brothers as a whole at their annual assembly at the end of July.  In particular, they are encouraged to grow as a provincial body,  working for its good and for the good of the mission of the Church. This implies strengthening the life of the local community as part of the mission, growing in teamwork, and further clarifying their sscc mission, both in the parishes and in the shrines as well as in some of their other initiatives directed towards children, young people and families.

On the 16th and 17th Alberto and Derek travelled to the region of Owinska (about 200 kilometers northwest of Wroclaw), where they visited the 3 brothers who live there and who collaborate in the parish of St. John the Baptist (2013). In Owinska, they met with some of the members of the youth group and the family group (Cana) who are actively involved in this area. Finally, the visitors encouraged the brothers to make better known to the congregation as a whole some of the works that they are undertaking and to participate in some of the common areas at European level such as initial formation, the secular branch and youth work.

Link to the photo album of the visit: https://bit.ly/3rVcZ9Z