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The Closing of the Canonical Visit to the Region of French Polynesia (Brs)

On Thursday October 19, 2017, the five brothers at Pirae and two brothers from Moorea came together at Pirae with Camille Sapu and Alberto Toutin to close the canonical visit, which had begun on October 7.

Camille and Alberto had met with all twelve brothers who are located in the Region. There are thirteen brothers in all; one is in the initial formation program in the Philippines.  There are two Bishops, Jean Pierre Cottanceau sscc, Archbishop of Papeepte and Pascal Shang Soi sscc, Bishop of Te Fenua Enata, Marquesas Islands. There were meetings with the parish communities of Sacred Heart of Arue and of Trinity at Pirae and St. John of Mataeia and with the members of the Secular Branch.  The visitors also met with Paul LeJeune sscc who is at Taiohae on the Marquesas Islands.

In their feedback, Camille and Alberto thanked the community for their welcome and the quality of the dialogue.  They invited the community to taste the Lord along the journey (Good Father) through the witness of the joy of the Gospel, deepening of their SSCC spiritual life, the blessed intergenerational rapport of young and old. Also taken into consideration were pastoral planning, the quality of teamwork, the focus on youth and vocation, building a sense of the wider SSCC family with the laity associated with the Congregation. Finally, there was the question of those on the margin: Where lie the existential peripheries? Where are we touching the flesh of Christ?