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A visit to the Abbey of Montecassino (Italy)

On Wednesday, 7 September, the meeting of the Spiritual and Historical Heritage Commission with the brothers and sisters who are undertaking further theological studies travelled  to the abbey of Montecassino, some 130kms south of Rome.  It is in this place that we credit the origins of the Benedictine Rule.  On arrival at this spiritual landmark, we were given a guided tour in two groups (English and Spanish). Alberto Toutin then reminded us how our Founder, the Good Father, visited this abbey after the death of Pope Leo XIII, during which time he had been accompanying the Cardinal of Croy to Rome (February to August 1829). It was during the conclave that Pius VIII was elected.
The Good Father spent some time in Rome, but he was eager to return to France, among other things because of the death of Gabriel de la Barre. In 1824, the Chapter which completed the Constitutions was held. The Founder was somewhat disappointed that the Congregation was moving away from its original inspiration. Hence Pierre Coudrin's circular letter of 11 February 1826 invited brothers to reread the Rule of St. Benedict, especially the chapters on humility, simplicity and obedience. Albert also invites us to reread this circular together with some articles of the Benedictine Rule, with the following question in mind:  the Good Father reread the Rule and highlighted some points.  What would be the points that we would highlight today?
Before returning to Rome, we celebrated the Eucharist in the sacristy of the Basilica of Montecassino, presided over by Alberto. In his homily, following the Word, he pointed out that we live from the Resurrection of Jesus and we live together as a beatitude. That is why the fundamental attitude in the time of Benedict and of synodality is to listen.
Link to the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3TLTddi
Video during the Mass: https://bit.ly/3x5ZOFY