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Evaluation and farewell (Enlarged General Council)

On Wednesday, 13 September, we concluded the Enlarged General Council in Bandung (Indonesia). The evaluation is carried out: good work in common, suitable place, understanding that the congregation is a body of brothers and laity, we took with us the human and cultural richness of the Indonesian Province, thanks to the General Government, the presence and presentation of the Secular Branch stands out, the methodology has helped, positive way of working synodally, the work of the Indonesian brothers and sisters and the volunteers is highlighted, balance between dreams and realism in a tight way, we have to speed up the sharing, the general themes could be dealt with first, there has been consensus in the decisions, very good technical and technological network, this meeting is a before and after in the recent history of the Congregation that opens us to Asia, hospitality received, appreciation of the transport, adoration with more time for silence, thanks to Raúl Valverde for the service of translations, very varied food, the group has understood each other, Indonesia questions but also questions arise, thanks to the visit of the bishop of Bandung, gratitude to the parishes of St. Michael and St. Gabriel, an Enlarged General Council could be repeated in Africa, there has been a good preparation, we have been enriched by the different perspectives, there is hope for the future, an effort has been made with the languages,

Alberto Toutin is grateful for the effort that has been made during these days of meetings. This Enlarged General Council is going to be a blessing for the Congregation. It has been a long road to get here. We have discovered the Congregation in Indonesia to look to the future and to be an inspiration for the future. It has been a blessing for Indonesia to hold this international meeting in their country. It has shown us the diversity. It has been a blessing for the participants. The effort we have made has made us better. It is a gift to be glad that this meeting can take place in other places of the Congregation. In any case, it will be a call to root the Congregation to cultures in all dimensions and to look at ourselves. An important point for us in preparing the Extended General Council was the participation of the brothers of the Congregation. We felt that this common reflection, coming from all, is transformed into questions for all the others wherever we are. This way of communicating with each other is important. It has been an adventure. We didn't know what was going to happen when we were all here in Indonesia. Alberto has experienced a double conversion: about the service of the General Government with more involvement and communication with the local communities and about the secular branch as an inspiration. The tent dimension of the Congregation is full of new faces, promises, who want to be listening to what the Lord says in order to collaborate with Him. Thanks to Pankras Olak, Romeka Situmorang and Yulia Sri Atun. Just three names, but there is a multidud behind them. They have set the bar for hospitality very high.

Alberto also thanks all the participants for the preparation, the rich level of dialogue and the effort made by those who cannot speak their own mother tongue. Many thanks to Raúl for the translation service. Thanks to the brothers of the General Government who tried to prepare the best food for this meeting. Thanks to the sisters because we have had a lot of communication between us, focusing on our reflections. This has been good for all of us. Thanks to Nacho Moreno for his presence and reflections on economy and finances at the service of the mission.

Fernando Cordero informs and encourages the participants to make the contents of this Extended General Council known through the chronicles and news, the minutes and the next joint INFO in October with the sisters.

Nacho Moreno specified and indicated the distribution of the expenses of the Extended General Council.

The final Eucharist was in charge of the General Governments, where joy and deep gratitude was expressed by the assembly. The Superior General, Patricia Villarroel, imposes the image of Our Lady of Peace on the brothers, sisters and laity.

Link to the photo gallery: https://acortar.link/GZD6WI