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SSCC Youth Meeting (Indonesia)

On February 17th and 18th, the Indonesian SSCC Congregation in the Sumatra region held a Youth Gathering. This event was attended by youth leaders from the three parishes served by the Congregation, namely, St. Joseph Lawe Desky Parish, St. Damian Lau Baleng Parish, and St. Paul Brayan Bengkel Parish. This event was held at the OFM Capuchins House of Prayer.

Around 100 young people participated and three priests accompanied the young people: Father Benny (Lau Baleng), Father Adrian (Lawe Desky) and Father Polce (Moderator of the SSCC YOUTH in the Sumatra region). This event was also attended by SSCC sisters and brothers, namely Petra sscc, Lydia sscc, Gerard sscc and Himawan sscc.

The theme of this Meeting was “Catholic Youth that participate.” Young people were invited to become more involved in their Church activities, with a strong faith and a sense of fraternity towards others. The first day was an evening meeting for all participants. The participants knew each other and also knew the sscc priests, sisters and brothers. 

The second day Father Polce gave input on Christian leadership. A Christian leader, he says, must make Jesus Christ their example of life. Then Sister Lydia sscc invited the young people to have dreams in their lives and to try to make their dreams come true on the path of life. She also explained the vision of the founder of the SSCC Congregation. Next, Gerard sscc provided material on SSCC spirituality. As SSCC youth, he invited the young people to live SSCC spirituality in all the youth activities of their parishes. After the speakers' presentations, participants were invited to develop programs to be implemented in their parishes, programs such as SSCC YOUTH in the Sumatra region. After preparing the various programs, the event continued with a mass and a lunch together. At the closing ceremony, the representatives of each parish read aloud the programs that they hoped could be implemented in their parishes and in the SSCC YOUTH programs of the Sumatra region. The event closed with prayer, singing and goodbyes.