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Father Damien Community: International Experience

Once again we joyfully share with the sisters and brothers our day-to-day experience of the month of August. This month has been marked by several events. The first two weeks were weeks dedicated to getting closer to the realities of our different territories: Asia, Africa, Spain and Peru-Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia. These weeks have been of great mutual enrichment and it was a good opportunity to get to know each territory. The presentations helped us to get to know the communities, the number of sisters, their life and mission, the challenges they face. Each group presented their territory with simplicity, creativity and enthusiasm. These presentations allowed us to get to know each territory in depth, its characteristics, culture, tradition etc.

From the 15th to the 25th of the same month, our sister Pilar Guerrero ss.cc accompanied us with the theme of Consecration and vows: To consecrate life. Throughout these days, she invited us to experience our consecration and the vows from the basis of four dimensions:

1. The Political-missionary dimension, which is about humanity.

2. The Community dimension, which is lived in small groups within consecrated life.

3. The Ecological dimension, which has to do with nature, with living beings, Gn.

4. The Mystical dimension, in which there is a connection to God and all of creation.

These four dimensions are reflected in each of the three evangelical counsels that the Spirit gives us.

On the 23rd we celebrated with great joy and happiness the birthday of our sister Jabita who is from India. It was a day of joy and manifestation of our communion.

From the 27th to the 28th, our sister María Jesús, a lay ss.cc. from Salamanca, shared with us her experience of living the charism as a member of the Secular Branch. These two days were a time for us to get to know more deeply the realities of our lay brothers and sisters from different continents and countries.

On the 28th, we had the good fortune of having the visit of our brother Raúl Valverde and on Monday 29th Sister Aurora Laguarda, a member of the General Government, with her family came to spend some time with us. These visits brought us much encouragement and motivation to continue to enjoy this time of formation.

And finally, from August the 30th to September the 1st we were able to listen to Francisco Gracia, a diocesan priest from Salamanca, on the theme: Living the Creed: Fundamental elements of the faith of the Church. He helped us to perceive in a few words that: ''The symbol of faith is a relationship, a space in which to live. It is articulated in three parts (Father, Son and Spirit), but we do not believe in three things, but we are involved in a mystery where these three realities envelop us each in its own way, but without being different.