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Feast of the Good Mother in Kinshasa, RD Congo (Brs & Srs)

Sunday November 25, 2016, we celebrated the Feast of the Good Mother at the postulancy house of the brothers in Kinshasa. All the brothers and sisters of the Congregation were present as well as some members of the Secular Branch. Everything started at 4:30  with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament where we asked for the grace of being consumed like candles.

During the adoration, we meditated on four things in the life of the G.M: joy, confidence in God, humility and suffering. The Good Mother was only severe with herself but she wished joy for others. To serve God well, she said one day, it is necessary to be  “a wee bit happy.” Henriette was a woman who had self-confidence and she placed her confidence in God. “What God takes care of, God takes care of, well.” With regard to humility to which she associates simplicity, it ought to be the distinctive characteristic of children of the Sacred Hearts.

Suffering is one of the least appreciated things.  But the GM said that we ought love it. “It is necessary to live to suffer, loving suffering.” No one likes to suffer; the proof is when on falls sick one accesses immediately a process of healing. But in all of this it is necessary to recognize that suffering also has benefits.

After Adoration we ate and took a drop of wine and liquor as our affectionate Good Mother  recommended us to do.