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Fernando Bueno sscc is ordained a Priest (Madrid, Spain)

At noon on February 21 the priestly ordination of Fernando Bueno Teomiro sscc took place in the church of the Sacred Hearts school, Martin de los Heros Street,  Madrid. The Archbishop of Madrid,  the Most Reverend Carlos Osoro presided. Brothers from most all of the houses of the Province concelebrated with the presence of the sisters, secular branch members together with students, teachers and school families.

Bishop Osoro began his homily by expressing how he felt at home with the brothers and sisters of the Sacred Hearts:  “my first experience of brotherhood was with the Congregation.”  His long passage to the priesthood began in Cantabria around the SSCC family to whom he feels  connected and grateful. “With the ordination of this brother, I give back a little of what you have given to me,” Bishop Carlos said.

Father Pablo Marquez sscc ordained a few months ago and a class mate of Fernando in San Jose SSCC School in Seville invested him with the stole and chasuble.  At the conclusion Father Fernando  thanked the brother and sisters, his family, the various communities he had lived in and the school where the event was unfolding but also where the idea of a priestly vocation for him was first set in motion. After the Archbishop had kissed the hands of the new priest, his family, the priests and all present did likewise. A reception was held in the school precincts.