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Final farewell in Fiji


The final full day in Fiji was marked by Sunday Eucharist in the Pacific Regional Seminary.  Derek presided at the mass and in his homily he spoke about the need to renew our sense of awe and wonder at the ways that God cares for us and to be grateful for God’s patience and leniency.  


After mass we visited a young man called Keleto, a former seminarian. 6 years ago he was hit by a car and was not expected to survive. He was brought home to die. He is paralysed but to the amazement of everyone he has been able to resume his seminarian studies at the PRS and is doing very well. He is also able to sit in a wheelchair and with help get from place to place. I wonder what are the possibilities of his being ordained after successfully completing his studies? 


The afternoon was given over to a meeting with the whole group based in Fiji in which Alberto presented a summary report of our experience of the sscc presence in Fiji.  There was time for questions and clarifications and also some input on the forthcoming Enlarged General Council in Indonesia and plans to visit Hainan afterwards.  


The day finished with a celebratory meal to which various guests from outside the community were invited.  Music and song marked the celebration as did food, drinks and kava!   Tomorrow Alberto and Derek head to the Kingdom of Tonga.


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