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Final vows of six brothers (Indonesia)

On 19 December, the province of Indonesia rejoiced to celebrate the final profession of six of its brothers: Abel Nelo Blikon, Venantinus Junaedy, Karololus Kapolok Huar, Mathias Meru Ujan, Kornelius Bala Koten and Fransiskus Xaverius Martana. The celebration took place at 10 am, in the chapel of the SSCC Scholasticate, (Gryia Tyas Dalem Yogjakarta). In the presence of our SSCC brothers and sisters, secular branch, some SSCC young people, family memberd as well as people of God they vowed forever, the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in the congregation Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The ceremony was presided over by Bonifasius Payong SS.CC (Provincial)  and accompanied by the Rector of the SSCC scholasticate, Parkratius Olak Kraeng, along with Kornelis Arun Dati, Joseph Barnabas Rianghepat, Piter Liang and Tino. It was a simple but meaningful celebration with a limited number of people, considering the pandemic situation. Nevertheless, the joy and happiness of making this profession was still tangible.

After completing their one year final vows program with various sessions such as virtual meetings, an intensive program and retreat, especially the 30 days Ignatian retreat, they chose as their theme;  “I am a servant of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). The brothers felt that the journey of their vocation was not easy, with struggles and a sense of unworthiness but at the same time they experienced unconditional love of God. Just like Mother Mary, they surrendered to God, and allowed God to work in and through them. The Provincial in his homily challenge the newly perpetual vows to be aware of the situation of the religious life and the church in this present moment and invite them to be like Mary who visited Elisabeth. The worry of Mary was transformed into joy because of this encounter. It is invitation to bring God into the midst of people so that they can experience God within our life, that is love.

After making their perpetual vows, the six confreres are fully accepted into the congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and will be sent to their respective places of assignment, while preparing themselves to receive the order of diaconate in January.

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