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First profession in the Province of France-Polynesia


On the 13th of September 2020, in the Saint-Michel-de-Picpus chapel, Anthony Nguyen Van Loï and Antoine Mennecier made their first profession in the Province of France-Polynesia.


After much hesitation, it was decided that the ceremony should take place in Picpus because of its historical importance, despite the fact the current safety measures made it difficult for a big crowd to fit in the church. Nevertheless, a large assembly managed to gather around the professing brothers, among whom was Fr Enrique Losada, their novice master, who travelled from Spain. SSCC brothers, sisters and members of the secular branch, along with Antoine’s family and numerous friends united in this eucharist. As Anthony’s family couldn’t travel from Vietnam, various members of the Vietnamese community in Île-de-France, including the deacon who proclaimed the Gospel of the presentation of Jesus in the temple, responded to the invitation. To compensate for the distance, the technical team of the parish of Thiais mobilised itself to film and broadcast the event on Youtube (…). 


The Spanish community from the noviciate of El Encinar were delighted with the broadcast.  

The beautiful celebration, that lasted about two hours, was animated by the choir from Reseau Picpus (a group of young professionals linked to the congregation), and Antoine’s family also participated; The profession ceremony was followed by cocktails in the Picpus gardens, where the leafy trees offered a welcome shade given the hot summer afternoon. It was with a feeling of communion in the Sacred Hearts that everyone headed home on this very happy day.


Video link: https://youtu.be/UWz5CO4XvsY


Link to photo gallery: https://bit.ly/2GWPLM1