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First SSCC Congress of Education in Spain (Brs)

The First SS.CC. Education Congress took place, with the slogan "We Seed the Future SSCC 20/30 ", organized by the Education Commission of the Iberian Province took place,  July 2 to 5 at the Casa de los Paúles in Salamanca. The colleges of sscc. brothers and sisters sscc from all of Spain, as well as other public and private centers were represented. In addition, schools of the Spanish-speaking Congregation, mainly from Latin America participated. 

At the inauguration, the Superior General, Javier Álvarez-Ossorio sscc, using images of the prophet Isaiah, considered the importance of building, planting and not generating children for catastrophe. We are contributing in our educational works so that children "are not born to catastrophe" and know the Love of God. Aurelio Cayón sscc, Provincial of the Iberian, Juan Carlos Pérez Godoy, President of Catholic Schools, and Nacho Moreno sscc, Coordinator of Education, together with the presenter, Juan Carlos Heras, shared in the solemn opening of the Congress. Some 360 educators attended.

The Congress has different speakers, as well as a variety of round tables and workshops led by teachers and experts in different areas (emotions, learning, new communication scenarios, awakening spirituality and faith, etc). Xavier Aragay, expert consultant in innovation, lectured on re-imagining education, the need to reflect on change, which is not adding things to what we already do. Isauro Blanco spoke on education and how it is written in neurological codes. Fernando Bueno sscc conveyed to us how we must accompany our students and be attentive to what causes them pain. Cristóbal Calero shared his vision of "School as Good News". And Emilio Duró brought the audience to its feet with his presentation: "The best you can give".

There have also been several sharings within the Congress. Among them, there were those of Fernando Madrid, coordinator of the SSCC schools in Chile; Isabel Loyola, on behalf of the SSCC Schools in Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Colombia; Francisco Javier Pacho, coordinator of the SSCC Sisters’ Schools in Spain.

A stellar moment took place on Wednesday night. The School of Drama, San José SSCC, of Seville presented "Godspell", in our parish hall, Salamanca.

Participants expressed gratitude and joy in the celebration of this first congress at the closing session; Aurelio Cayón highlighted the family spirit which prevailed and the Superior General invited us to reflect on our SSCC identity which makes a difference when lived in unity  with  those who seek the Good News of Jesus.