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Gathering around the figure of Ronaldo Muñoz sscc five years after his death (Chile)


On Saturday December 13, a meeting of spirituality, memory and commitment in memory of Ronaldo Muñoz sscc, was held, from 9 pm to 18 pm, at San Pedro y San Pablo Parish, in Santiago.

Ronaldo lived from the periphery as a special witness of Jesus. He was a theologian and a prophet of a human and Christian project, a participatory and inclusive project. He invites us today to update his message in the social, political and ecclesial spheres in which we live.

The morning was devoted to reflection and spirituality, in the light of the of Ronaldo’s theology, touching important aspects of the social and ecclesial reality of the country today.

At noon there was a plenary session and a fraternal meal, Jesus´ style of meals. The organizers requested to each one to carry the lunch to share (sandwiches, fruit, and beverages). Also for ecological reasons it was asked to carry a cup or bowl.

In the afternoon there was a walk of faith and hope to “Casa Azul” (Blue House), a school with a very appropriate educational program for children in the sector, to which Ronaldo helped to be founded. The day ended with a final closing liturgy.


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Foreword by Bernardino Piñera (Bishop of Temuco, 1972) to the memory of Ronaldo Muñoz sscc for obtaining the doctorate in theology from the University of Ratisbona (Germany).
(in Spanish)